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How Can I Help Make ZleepaxTM Happen?

Zleepax™ is currently in  clinical testing on its way to market. To follow our progress or join our work to bring this breakthrough sleep therapy to market, visit our Investor Resources. page today.

Blake Insomnia will be issuing new shares to raise a one digit USD million, to complete Phase II clinical testing of our patent-pending ZLX-1 compound. We couldn’t be more enthused about our prospects for rapid approval, and we would like to invite you to be part of our exciting success story.

75% of people interviewed are dissatisfied with their current prescription sleep medication1. Studies show that the No. 1 key market need is to eliminate unwanted side effects—chiefly residual daytime sedation, tolerance build-up and addiction7. By answering this need for the very large share of patients whose insomnia is linked to stress, ZleepaxTM has the potential to be a global blockbuster.

ZLX-1, the first ZleepaxTM candidate covered by our patent, has demonstrated efficacy without producing the side effects identified as the No. 1 problem with current sleep medication. Instead of “knocking you out” the way traditional hypnotics do, ZleepaxTM enhances sleep by reducing the nighttime stress that often triggers and reinforces insomnia.