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About Zleepax

Stress is one of the most common causes of insomnia1. However, the relationship between insomnia and stress is complex—with the one often causing or exacerbating the other. A divorce or financial troubles, for example, can cause stress that leads to transient insomnia. This, in turn, can make the person less able to cope during the day, creating further stress. In a vicious circle, the further stress can eventually lead to intermittent or even chronic insomnia, where many patients name stress symptoms such as a pounding heart as what keep them awake at night2.

Where traditional hypnotics “force” people to sleep by depressing the central nervous system, ZleepaxTM (ZLX-1) acts by diminishing the physical symptoms of stress that keep people awake at night.


Our Company

Blake Insomnia Therapeutics, Inc. is a New York-based pharmaceutical company devoted to improving nighttime and daytime quality of life for people with insomnia. Our patent-pending compound, Zleepax™ (ZLX-1), has demonstrated efficacy without causing side effects identified as the No. 1 problem with current sleep medication. Blake Insomnia completed its reverse merger in second half of 2015.


Our Management

The Blake Insomnia management team consist of founder and CEO Birger Jan Olsen. The company is currently transitioning from a lean startup organization into a more mature organizational form. Plans for 2016 include establishing a board of directors, appointing a science advisory board and hiring additional required staff.


Our Patent Application

In 2007, we filed patent application EP20080758258, covering the use of specific beta blockers, alone or in combination with other anti-insomnia drugs, for the treatment of stress-related insomnia.